At Crown, environmental commitment is a fundamental part of our business philosophy.

Crown’s primary product – the iconic can – is both the source of our identity as well as the embodiment of sustainability. Metal packaging doesn’t just hold its own against other forms of packaging in terms of sustainability – it excels. No other packaging format can match metal packaging’s ability to preserve food and beverages and keep them safe. 

Our Commitment

As a global leader in our industry, we have led the way in reducing the amount of metal used in consumer packaging. In addition, we have introduced new manufacturing practices that improve productivity and safety and reduce energy. These efforts make our products more sustainable and, in turn, help our customers meet their own sustainability targets.

We are also the only company with the breadth and depth of product lines in metal to support the needs of brand owners and retailers around the world. We are uniquely positioned to bring sustainable best practices in quality and manufacturing to growing economies in Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa.

Finally, workplace safety is built into every process, procedure and system of the company and the attitudes and values of every employee. A formal Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) program serves as the backbone to achieve a “Total Safety Culture.”

With this commitment to sustainability, we know we are on the right track. We continue to build on our culture of sustainability within the organization through innovation, recognizing and rewarding our people and vendors who make a difference and maximizing production efficiency.

The Can – A Sustainable Solution

Not all packaging is created equal. Many formats trumpet specific aspects of sustainability, such as recyclability or shelf life, but don’t stack up when looking at the complete picture. Metal packaging doesn’t have that problem. Its many intrinsic properties translate to high scores in all three dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Rigid and robust, metal resists tearing and crushing, and it protects and preserves products better and longer than any other form of packaging. Food and beverage cans are hermetically sealed, which prevents microbes, oxygen and light from infiltrating and diminishing the nutritional value of package contents. Food and beverage cans are made from steel and aluminum produced on average with more than 50% recycled material.

In addition, unlike many other materials, metal is 100% recyclable, recycled at high levels and can be continuously reused with absolutely no degradation in performance or quality. For example, the beverage can you drink from today can return to the shelf as another beverage can in as little as 60 days.

In 2014, Crown was among the first packaging companies to adopt a new symbol launched by Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) to communicate the value of recycling. Featuring a closed loop with the text “Metal Recycles Forever” the symbol can be used on packaging and promotional materials to inform consumers about the inherent recyclability of metal packaging and encourage them to recycle.

Watch the video below from European Metal Packaging to learn more about metal as a permanent resource.