Innovation & Design

Technology Timeline


1995: Alulite introduced for beverage easy open ends. Produced using material from the first wide aluminum polymer coating line in Duffel (JV with Hoogovens).

1997: Shaped beverage cans introduced for Coca-Cola and Heineken.

2000: Crown introduces the first major breakthrough in beverage end technology in nearly 20 years: the revolutionary SuperEnd® beverage ends.

2000: Integrated weld monitor produced to improve efficiency and quality of 3-piece can making.

2001: Launch of PeelSeam™ end for food products.

2002: Crown introduces bowl-shaped cans for a wide range of food applications including salads and desserts.

2004: First shaped 3-piece aerosol introduced for WD-40® lubricant.

2004: Injection molded corks for spirit products introduced.

2005: Metal packaging is used for new applications when power tools are launched in new speciality packaging.

2006: Easy-open metal paint cans are introduced.

2007: Shaped food cans are introduced for every day luxury goods such as soup and coffee.

2007: Easylift™ easy-open ends are launched. The ends significantly improve tab access, making it easier than ever to open canned food products

2007: Pictoris™ high quality print is unveiled for use on beverage cans.

2008: An electrochemical technique is added to the predictive testing regime, allowing product compatibility evaluation within 2 months in comparison to a typical 12 month evaluation.

2008: The EarthSafe™ Dispensing System is launched. An innovative and environmentally responsible package that replaces hydrocarbons with compressed air as the propellant, it features advanced valve technology for total product evacuation at consistent flow rates.

2010: The 360 End™, the world’s first full aperture end, is launched for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament. It uses a combination of food and beverage can technology so that the entire lid can be removed, turning the can itself into a drinking cup and removing the need for separate glassware.

2011: The new Orbit™ Closure is unveiled – a revolutionary technology featuring a unique two-part design that reduces torque making it twice as easy to open compared to standard twist-off closures.

2011: HoloCrown™ is launched. A unique holographic foil technology that allows holographic images to be stamped directly on decorative metal tins, this represents a first for the industry.