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Beverage Packaging

Cans & Ends

Beverage can ends.

Beverage Ends

Standard Ends

Crown offers a range of standard end sizes, which are available in silver or gold finish, as well as Large Opening Ends, which feature a standard stay on tab end with a larger opening for easier drinking and pouring.

Available Diameters:
206 (57mm)
202 (52mm)
200 (50mm)


Ring-Pull Ends

Manufactured in the Middle East, our ring-pull ends are designed to complement a variety of marketing activities including promotional messaging and instant win campaigns.

SuperEnd® Beverage Ends
Beverage can SuperEnd.

The unique geometry of Crown's patented SuperEnd® beverage ends reduces metal use by 10%, making beverage cans even more environmentally friendly. It also delivers improved performance for the filler and the consumer with greater strength, enhanced appearance and improved pouring characteristics.

To date, Crown and its licensees have produced more than 300 billion SuperEnd® beverage ends, saving more than 49,000 metric tons of aluminum, over 800 metric tons of coatings and more than 400,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases, which equates to the annual emissions of 91,000 automobiles.

Currently used with beer, soft drinks, juice and other beverages, SuperEnd® beverage ends are fully commercial in 202 and 206 diameters.

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