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Food Packaging

Food Ends

Food can Easylift easy-open end photograph.

Easylift™ Easy-Open Ends

Easylift™ easy-open ends represent a revolutionary new standard in convenience packaging, an increasingly important attribute for today's consumers.

Offering significantly improved finger access under the tab, the new ends retain the benefits of Crown's Eole® technology while making it easier and quicker for consumers to open canned foods. Now even consumers with limited mobility, such as seniors, children and the physically impaired, can access food products without using a can opener or other tools.

Other key benefits include:

  • Compatible with a wide range of food applications, including ready meals, fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy and pet food
  • Can be used on existing can production lines with only minor, one-off adjustments
  • Continue to perform through all levels of the supply chain, further contributing to manufacturing efficiencies

Watch the Easylift™ easy-open ends video.

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