Orbit™ Closures

Crown introduces the Orbit™ Closure, a revolutionary metal closure designed to be universally easy to open for consumers of all ages.



Advanced Technology

The Orbit™ Closure eases opening and enhances convenience for consumers of all ages. Designed in two parts – a central panel sealed to the jar by vacuum and an outer ring screwed in place to provide protection – this innovative closure makes jars twice as easy to open.

Shelf Differentiation


Brand owners can promote the easy-open nature of the closure on its outer ring, or even on the metal disk. For additional shelf appeal, the two parts can be manufactured in different colors. Callouts on the retail shelf can also help draw consumer attention.

Easy to Implement

Shelf Impact

Brand owners can introduce the Orbit™ Closure without making significant changes to existing capping equipment and without changing the glass finish.

Debuting with Duerr’s


The Orbit™ Closure is making its market debut on jars of Duerr’s range of jams and marmalades in the UK. By improving openability, Duerr’s ensures customers enjoy the complete brand experience.