We are proud to be celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2017.

Our storied heritage began with a singular invention: the bottle cap (also known as the crown cork). In 1892, William Painter set out to improve the packaging of carbonated soft drinks and beer, and by extension, enhance the experiences consumers had with these products, which were growing in popularity. His invention changed the trajectory of the beverage industry and established the hallmarks that still guide our company today: curiosity, innovation, quality and sustainability.

In the last 125 years, the company that Painter founded, the Crown Cork & Seal Company of Baltimore, Inc., has grown into a strong global enterprise with operations in both established and emerging markets. We have built a diversified metal packaging technology portfolio that serves the beverage, food, personal care, household and luxury markets. 

This depth and breadth gives us a unique perspective on the market and allows us to apply learnings and innovation from one product area to another. These capabilities add a tremendous amount of value for our customers and have resulted in some truly breakthrough technologies. For example, our 360 End® technology, the world’s first full aperture end, marries the strength and performance of our proven beverage ends with the convenience of our easy-open ends for food cans. In addition, our InnoValve™ technology combines beverage and aerosol technologies to deliver textured beverages that can be enjoyed on-the-go.

However, even with all of the change we have seen in our 125-year history, our mission has remained the same. Every day, we set out to help customers build their brands regionally and globally with packaging innovation that responds to the evolving needs and values of consumers and enhances how they use and interact with products.

But we are not done yet. There is still significant opportunity for growth. That is why Crown continues to invest in the future of metal packaging, whether in terms of developing new technologies or processes or expanding our facilities and services to best support our customers. We are excited about the possibilities on the horizon and continuing to serve as a pioneer in the industry, helping brands push the boundaries of creativity and discover ways to engage with consumers.

We look forward to having you join us for the next part of our journey.