The London Beer Factory

The London Beer Factory brings its mantra of “beer with character” alive through a product portfolio that is filled with unique flavors and engaging aromas. The brand’s philosophy of personality and distinctiveness also extends to its product packaging. That’s why brewery founders Ed and Sim Cotton were intrigued by the idea of full aperture end that maximizes the olfactory experience for consumers. The London Beer Factory has since become the first UK brewer to adopt the 360 End® from Crown Holdings, Inc. across its entire product range.

The brewer also embraces the sustainability credentials of metal packaging and communicates this to consumers by printing the Metal Recycles Forever™ logo on all of its beverage cans. CROWN Bevcan Europe and Middle East, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc., has been a driving force behind this campaign, which highlights the inherent recyclability of metal and its ability to be a part of the circular economy. Crown also worked closely with the brewer to incorporate the logo into its graphic designs.

Recipient of the ‘Best Can or Alubottle’ trophy at the 2016 World Beverage Innovation Awards, The London Beer Factory is delighted that Crown has been able to help bring its vision for innovative metal packaging to life.