Bonduelle vegetable cans

Consumers are always looking for more convenient food options. For the growing number of smaller households, convenience translates to smaller portions as a means to reduce waste. Single-serve, or “mini cans,” allow consumers to be creative with recipes while also facilitating preparation of right-sized salads, soups, smoothies and meals.

Bonduelle food cans and shelf packagingBonduelle was the first brand of processed vegetables in France to create a unique line of single portion canned vegetables called Bonduelle “Touche de,” which can be eaten either hot or cold. Crown worked together with Bonduelle to develop this single portion packaging line that includes four different kind of vegetables: red beans, mushrooms, chickpeas and sweet corn. Crown’s easy-open and colorful packaging is sold in two-packs, which are wrapped in a carton sleeve. The new cans maximize shelf impact and help lock in product flavor and nutritional benefits.