Advanced forming techniques allow corned beef manufacturers to thrive

Corned beef food cans

The tapered trapezoid shape of the corned beef can has become synonymous with this classic product and the traditional ‘tongue’ opening and vintage styling continue to be a novelty for consumers, helping the package stand out on today’s store shelves.

The shaping and forming process required to give the tin its distinctive appearance dates back to the 19th century, making it increasingly difficult for corned beef manufacturers to keep up with current market demand. To bridge this gap, a line in Crown’s Périgueux, France plant uses a modernized forming process to shape the welded can and form the tongue, making it far easier to open.

French processor COVI, which produces approximately 20 million cans of corned beef each year, sees value in the updated forming process, as it views the iconic food can as the preferred packaging format for the product thanks to its range of performance benefits.