Cardiff Food Can

cardiff food can
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Talk about extended shelf life!

Help us welcome home one of our 50-year-old food cans! This Heinz Kidney Soup can was donated to the Cardiff Food Bank (Wales) last year, but was deemed unfit for redistribution due to its expiration date (which came and went a few decades ago). The can, which had a pre-decimalization price sticker that dates it to before 1971, created a stir on social media and in local and international press.

Rather than having the food bank pay to discard the contents of the can, Crown made a donation to the organization and had it returned to our Technology Center in Oxfordshire. It now resides in a special display that highlights other historic metal packages.

While most of us don’t keep cans quite this old in our pantries, it certainly demonstrates the unrivaled ability of metal food cans to protect and preserve food, reducing food waste. In addition to being a sturdy, reliable container, metal food cans also provide a barrier against light, water and air to protect the product inside and keep food fresh for years.