Crown Employer Brand Boosted via Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program Flyer
Wednesday, November 4, 2020

October was a busy month for our European Ambassador Program, which focuses on recruitment activities and initiatives across our regional operations. Our team engaged in several events to help us identify the workforce of tomorrow. 

  • Laura Rivas, Training and Development Coordinator at our food can facility in Murcia, Spain participated in a “Virtual Job Forum” hosted by ENAE Business School, the University of Murcia and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. She highlighted our comprehensive internship programs and provided general insight into what life as an employee of Crown’s is like to an audience of nearly 1,000 students. 

    “It is always inspiring to speak to what could be the next generation of metal packaging experts and it is easy to be passionate and enthusiastic when the offer you are presenting is so strong,” said Rivas. “Our internship programs open so many doors for those that pursue them, and we couldn’t be prouder of those who have chosen to pass through them and pursue their dream position within the Company.

  • Kristel Bernard, Human Resources - Training and Recruitment, from our food can facility in Concarneau, France, conducted what are known as ‘job dating conversations’ with interested candidates at a “Grand Job Dating” event in Brest. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with potential candidates from the region who were interested in learning more about working at Crown.

    “About 1,500 visitors walked through the doors in Brest, and many of them expressed interest in Crown as a potential employer,” commented Bernard. “The format was fantastic, as traditional interview conversations can often be one sided. The dating style element meant both parties were able to ask questions to see if there was a natural fit. We are already signed up to participate in the next forum.”

  • Our team also led a webinar at Italy’s Politechnico di Milano. Held during the university’s “International Career Days,” event, the 70+ webinar participants heard from representatives with different roles at the Company. For example, Franciska Horváth, Corporate Recruitment and Succession Planning Support Manager, offered a high-level overview of the business and the types of roles available, while Orsola Percudani, Administrative Assistant, spoke about day-to-day activities at our beverage can facility in Parma. The team touched upon our VIE (Volontariat International en Entreprises) and FORWARD Programmes. Luca Mastronardo, Project Engineer, also participated in the discussion, speaking about his background and his experience as a FORWARD engineer who helps participants to discover what their true vocation is within the business. 

    “Our goal was to inspire students to put Crown on their list of potential future employers,” explained Horváth. “We are thankful to have the chance to meet candidates through events like these. To be able to paint an accurate picture of what it is like to work at Crown is a huge benefit to both parties. We have a talented, collaborative team and foster a great work environment. We look forward to having tomorrow’s talent join our ranks, contribute their skills and further our culture.”