Crown Europe Shows Support for “Pink October” and Breast Cancer Awareness

Octobre Rose - images of staff in pink masks
Monday, December 7, 2020

Employees across all our European locations once again showed their support for the annual “Pink October” campaign and helped raise awareness for those affected by breast cancer. 

This year, at our promotional packaging site in Chatillon, France, we partnered with the French Cancer League to hold a “Pink October” day towards the end of the month. League representatives arranged an educational workshop to teach participants about proper breast cancer screening techniques with the help of silicone chests. 

Not far away in Outreau, France, the team in our food can plant executed a communications campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer screenings and raise funds for research. The team mobilized by wearing pink surgical masks for the entire working day on Friday, October 16 as an act of solidarity. Staff in our promotional packaging facility in Mansfield, U.K. also showed their support by wearing pink surgical masks.

We thank all our employees who participated in the “Pink October” campaign across our European operations and supported this worthy cause.