Crown Launches Digital Sustainability Report

Cans Sustainability
Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In keeping with our commitment to provide an update on our sustainability efforts on a biennial basis, we have just launched a new report covering progress during fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Since we first began formally reporting on our sustainability efforts, there have been some important changes to our business and our approach to sustainability that you will find addressed in this edition:

  • We announced a five-year strategy to further reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our product portfolio expanded to include glass bottle manufacturing for the Mexican beverage industry following the acquisition of EMPAQUE, making this report the first time we have reported data on a substrate other than metal.
  • We began participating in CDP’s climate change program to further increase transparency with customers.

We are extremely proud of our progress and our ability to continue to use fewer resources and less energy per container even as production increases.

Our primary product – metal packaging – has unrivaled sustainability credentials and is the perfect example of a circular economy at work. In fact, a recent analysis of global recycling data by Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) established beverage cans as the most recycled beverage package in the world.

We hope that by reading the report, it becomes clear that Crown is committed to sustainability, both in terms of what we make and how we make it. We also hope that you will learn something new about Crown.

We look forward to your feedback on the report and to discussing how we can work more closely together to meet your own sustainability goals.