Encouraging a New Generation of Young Professionals

three young people having a conversation around laptops
Monday, March 22, 2021

One of our goals is to continuously support young people in Europe with opportunities that will raise their interest in choosing a career in the manufacturing sector. For example, our European Ambassador Initiative is aimed to engage the next generation to consider Crown as a viable and rewarding career option.

Earlier this year, the Lyon, France-based emlyon business school organized an online three-day Careers Forum to engage and connect 130 regional top employers and some 2,000 students. We took the opportunity to showcase our company and explain the variety of fulfilling career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector. 

While we certainly missed the spontaneous conversation and interaction that comes with in-person events, our “virtual booth” was a popular meeting point. There was high engagement and interest from future candidates in starting a career in packaging. During the event, our team offered insight into the Company’s values, activities, and products. We also emphasized the inherent sustainability benefits of metal packaging and our commitment to leading change in the metal packaging industry, as well as the larger manufacturing industry, and in making choices that better serve our environment and our communities. Our ambassadors also walked participants through the various internship opportunities available, including VIE (Volontariat International en Enterprise) and the FORWARD Programme, which offers successful candidates the opportunity to build an international career within Crown. 

The Careers Forum gave students an important opportunity to become more informed about the value of a manufacturing career. Hearing from current employees, including Elisabeth Samarin and Sarthak Singhal who started their career with us, was a bonus. We look forward getting involved in similar initiatives across Europe to generate interest from the workforce of tomorrow.