Happy Thanksgiving: Pass the Canned Cranberries

Canned Cranberry Sauce
Monday, November 23, 2015

The holidays are upon us and what better time to share in the joy of feasting and giving thanks with your loved ones than over a classic Thanksgiving meal?

When it comes to food at Thanksgiving, a few sweet and savory essentials are a given including turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, pie and of course – canned cranberry sauce. In fact, while many of these foods are suitable favorites almost all year round, this canned sauce is one that’s predominantly enjoyed during the holidays.  

The holidays are both a time to indulge and spend quality time with loved ones but they are also riddled with preparation, planning and of course, cooking. Amidst the frying, chopping, sautéing, cleaning and the like, consumers may look to canned goods as a simple way to eliminate some of the prep-work while adding variety to every meal.  From fruits to vegetables to the holiday staple – cranberry sauce – there are many selections to choose from in cans.

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