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Nine pictures of mont blanc food cans
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Single person? Enter single-serve. These smaller size types of products are increasingly trendy, and they are certainly on the rise considering that single unit households make up nearly a third of all households in the EU28, according to 2017 figures. Time is of the essence in consumers’ busy lives and brands must be savvy to their needs in order to gain maximum traction with their products housed in metal packaging. Easy to grab and consume on the move, they allow for delicious meals to be put together without the problem of excess waste creeping into the equation. 

Canned fish is one of the common options available in this package format, and what a vast array of meals a can of fish can unlock! Sardine pasta anyone? Or perhaps a mackerel salad? Toss some pilchards in with some steamed rice, or simply take a fork and eat a can “au naturel.” A quick search for recipes online will have the time-strapped person inundated with options – and they are largely healthy too.

Canned vegetables, ready-to-eat meals, and desserts are also more prevalent than ever before and give the consumer the added bonus of being able to control portion sizes without a second thought. Small printed bowls with peelable ends are the perfect option for foods such as yogurts, mousses, and trifles, while mini-cans of vegetables will help consumers create soups and casseroles in just the right size, minimizing leftovers and waste.

Drinks are no exception to the rule. Consumers tend to enjoy their favorite brands and specialty beverages such as flavored waters and iced coffee in smaller volumes. A perfect example is the collaboration of Crown and La Colombe Coffee Roasters to create the Vault, that combines the Company’s 150ml (5.1oz) slim style beverage can with a custom 360 End®. This portioned single-use can deliver great quality coffee to consumers in a vessel that is both convenient for use at home or on-the-go and which extends shelf life by five times. 

In short, smaller packages pack big appeal for the modern household and can help brands stand out on the shelves. Metal has the distinct advantage of being versatile in both size and shape, making it the perfect substrate for single-serve packaging. Add in the fact that it is infinitely recyclable and convenient to recycle, and its credentials will only make it more appealing to the single-serve target demographic.