A Match for Cans: Spotlight on Salmon

Monday, May 15, 2017

Consumer demand for fish is growing at a faster rate than the global population, with per capita consumption increasing about 1% annually. In fact, salmon in particular is finally seeing its day in the spotlight, becoming the fish of choice for many Americans— ahead of tuna and other options.

Rich in nutrients like Omega 3, antioxidants and protein, salmon’s rise in prominence can be attributed to how it helps consumers maintain a balanced diet. The surge in demand for the fish has led to a rapid increase in overall output. As a result, salmon aquaculture has become the fastest-growing food production system in the world, growing 133% in the last 15 years. The demand for canned salmon is also on the rise, predicted to grow 4% from 2016 to 2020.

Canned fish products offer consumers all of the nutritional benefits of a fresh catch, but in a format that is economic to store, quick to prepare and easy to consume. The format’s superior barrier characteristics remove the need for added preservatives and lock in the flavors and nutrients of the fish.

Crown offers a wide variety of innovative and convenient solutions to meet this need. Aside from the classic metal can and bowl cans, which are perfect for ready-to-eat foods, Crown’s PeelSeam peelable ends are a great twist on the traditional can end. Consisting of a thin foil, heat-sealed to a rigid steel or aluminum ring, consumers can easily grasp the small tab on the lid to open packages with PeelSeam™ smoothly, leaving no sharp edges, and appealing to today’s on-the-go shopper, who is constantly looking for a quick and nutritious meal.

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