Metal & the French Syrup Market: An Ongoing Partnership

Friday, June 23, 2017

Flavored syrup, often used to create soft drinks when diluted with water, is a sizable product category in the French market. The sector is worth approximately 350 million Euros and 185 million liters are produced and consumed annually.

Two-thirds of the total production volume is packaged into metal cans and Crown has been at the forefront of this marketplace for over 50 years. Here are just a few of the reasons why brand owners and consumers continue to favor metal to package this popular product.

1. Product protection and quality

The packaging material is a key aspect for the syrup market: metal protects the freshness and quality of the product within as the container’s hermetic seal acts as a barrier against air and oxygen. Its light-blocking capabilities prevent color and taste degradation from exposure to ultraviolet light in stores and restaurants.

2. Sustainability

Metal has excellent sustainability credentials, which makes it the preferred packaging material for French syrup brands. Metal packaging is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable. Since it is a permanent resource, metal recycles forever without losing physical properties and it can either be reused to make packaging or for a different application.

3. Brand value

Syrup brands appreciate metal’s versatility when it comes to building shelf appeal and communicating brand values and the premium quality of the product inside. Decoration has evolved over the years and current techniques, such as special gloss, matte or soft touch finishes, allow for designs to be enhanced, turning basic packaging into something unique - enticing and engaging the consumer to reach out and grab the product.