Packaging for Seniors

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older…

The Beach Boys’ sentiment implies that things can never happen too soon, but for the aging population of Europe, there are many who wish that the opposite applied. Recent data from the European Union shows that the elderly population is set to increase in Europe, and that of a total population of 511.5 million in the EU-28 (as of January 1, 2017)1, some 19.4% are aged 65 or over – a significant number.

It is a reality that with age comes a whole new world of challenges. For example, gripping packaging can become harder, as can opening certain items. Deploying innovative packaging solutions that can help consumers overcome these issues is critical if brands are going to appeal to this important demographic. 

How packaging is shaped can have a real impact on the usability of products. Taking into consideration consumers’ needs and requirements, Crown is always striving to enrich their packaging experience through ease of use. To this end, Crown’s dedicated design team creates packaging that takes ergonomics firmly into consideration for the elderly community and for everyone.

Then there is the straightforward task of opening a can or jar. This task can often be difficult for the best of us, but with age, the problem can be compounded due to lack of strength and dexterity. Metal closures have evolved to meet the needs of those less able to wrestle with stubborn lids. Crown’s Orbit® Closure innovation have revolutionized the ease of access to food items for everyone.

The Orbit® Closure consists of two parts: a central, floating panel that is vacuum sealed to the jar and an outer ring that provides further product protection and acts as the opening and re-closing device. This revolutionary design significantly reduces opening torque and enhances convenience for consumers of all ages.

Easy-open ends have also made day-to-day life easier by eliminating the need for can openers. However, for seniors, accessing and lifting the end’s tab can still be difficult, leaving them to resort to a variety of tools to help open the container. Crown’s Easylift® easy-open ends changed all of that. Offering significantly improved finger access under the tab, these ends make it easier and quicker for older and younger consumers alike to open food cans.

While we hope old age will come to us all, we also hope that brands that have the power to innovate will help make the challenges associated with our golden years just a little bit easier. From shaping to ease of opening, metal packaging offers food brands a variety of options to do just that.