Promoting the Virtues of Canned Food in France–Crown & UPPIA

Silver cans stacked in a pyramid next to a sign that says, Matiere Grise.
Monday, March 4, 2019

Metal packaging has long been a popular format for preserved foods in France. Industry stakeholders remain committed to continually educating consumers about the multi-faceted benefits that deliver. This is precisely the mission of UPPIA. Created in 1989 by and for all stakeholders in the food sector, the association represents the entire French canning industry: steel and aluminum producers, manufacturers of metal packaging, like Crown, and companies involved in industrial canning (for products including vegetables, fish, ready meals, fruits, meat, and charcuterie).

In 2016, UPPIA decided to focus on millennials, a generation with high spending power, through a dedicated Facebook campaign called “La conserve, Ça déboîte!” (Cantastic Foods). The 14-episode educational video series featured prominent French actors popular with millennials and explored topics including nutritional value, the sustainable nature of metal packaging and the circular economy. Since the launch of the web series, the episodes have had more than 30 million views. 

While light-hearted in nature, the videos have an important purpose: dispelling preconceived notions that members of this generation might have about canned foods. The videos make it clear that canned products protect and preserve, help reduce food waste, increase the longevity of food products and offer a sustainable packaging format that can be infinitely recycled without loss of properties. 

The post-campaign survey involving 1000 respondents aged 18 to 34, demonstrated the positive impact it had on the French millennials. Essentially, those remembering the campaign reported having a better opinion about canned foods - whether relating to trust, convenience of use, functionality or environmental credentials - than the ones who did not remember seeing the videos.

The overall can image rating scored 6.9 out of 10 for those respondents remembering the campaign, as opposed to 6.5 for those who did not remember it. 72% of the respondents who remembered watching the videos felt that canned food inspired trust as opposed to only 66% of those who did not remember them. 94% believed canned foods to be convenient and functional for everyday use as opposed to 88% of the respondents who did not remember the campaign. 

Crown is proud to partner with UPPIA and supports demonstrating the value of canned food via creative and informative campaigns like this one.