Protecting Precious Cargo – Part 1

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Baby food represents one of the fastest growing food and beverage categories in the world and is projected to grow in retail value from $53.31 billion in 2015 to $76 billion by 20211. There are several factors influencing this growth including an increasing population base, rising disposable income levels and growing urbanization. Regardless of growth drivers, the need to properly package and protect this precious cargo remains unchanged.

In this two-part blog series, we will explore what baby food brands should consider when selecting a metal packaging supplier. 

It’s What’s on the Inside (and Outside) That Counts
Looking beyond the importance of consumer appeal, a key priority for baby food manufacturers is exceeding the requirements of industry standards, such as the British Retail Consortium BRC/IOP Global Standards for Packaging. As their products cater to some of the most vulnerable consumers, baby food manufacturers must take extra care to safeguard the integrity and quality of the foods. The packaging must offer superior protection from physical, chemical and microbiological contamination. Crown aims to deliver this protection through comprehensive service and support to formula producers and packers from conception of the new package design to final implementation on the production line.

Packaging should also be tamper-proof, helping prevent product spoilage or damage. In addition, restricting access to baby food production lines and to packages during transportation from the supplier to the filler help to ensure there is no opportunity for external interference that could affect product quality. In addition, with CrownConnect™ technology, Crown offers traceability solutions such as barcoding, holographic or laser codes to help protect the brand and consumer from counterfeit goods by enabling retailers and authorities to identify products genuinely belonging to the brand.

Along with traceability and authenticity, CrownConnect™ also supports customer loyalty initiatives. By marking unique codes directly onto packaging, brands can give products unique identities via distinct codes that can be used for a variety of purposes. Brand marketing teams can collect valuable purchasing data that allows them to anticipate trends, understand their market and interact with customers to tailor subsequent campaigns. Manufacturers can also track stocks and product movement and fight counterfeiting attempts, while consumers have peace of mind as they can check the authenticity of the products they buy. Imagine: all of that, and more, can be achieved from one unique code on the package. 

Helping Babies and Brands Find their Feet
Consumers worldwide continue to favor baby food products packaged in metal formats because of the convenience they offer and their superior ability to keep the product inside safe and wholesome. To continue attracting consumers and enhance brand loyalty, baby food manufacturers must consider all of the advantages that metal packaging delivers. 

A metal packaging supplier that offers global support by providing locally-produced packaging to fillers and experts in baby food brands’ target regions can streamline the supply chain for customers, helping them find their feet in the industry.

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