Protecting Precious Cargo – Part 2

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

In Part 1 of this mini blog series, we explored how metal packaging can help protect the integrity and quality of baby food. In this second and final post of this series, we explore recent advances in metal packaging that can help baby food manufacturers stand out on the shelf. 

Building Character
A manufacturer’s choice of packaging has a significant impact on their ability to export products securely across long distances and break into new markets. When packaging sensitive goods like baby food, producers must also ensure that their packaging meets the high expectations held by consumers in markets around the globe.  

Baby foods brands looking to achieve shelf differentiation as well as cater to consumers’ needs for practicality and ease of use can rely on metal packaging to address these requirements and convey the premium quality of their products. Consumers are particularly interested in products that offer enhanced convenience. One example might be a package of milk formula that includes a spoon leveler to ensure the right amount of powder is being used. 

With a broad choice of metal packaging formats, including both rigid and peelable ends, Crown can cater to every consumer’s needs. Value-added options such as easy-open PeelSeam™ peelable ends with a spoon leveler panel and the revolutionary Peelfit™ Can take functionality to new levels and optimizes product protection. 

Decoration and finishes are another way to help products stand out. Advanced printing technologies can produce crisp, striking, high quality graphics that draw the consumer’s eye and help convey the quality of the product within. Crown’s in-house design team will work closely with customers to ensure their visions and goals are achieved.