Who’s Eating the Most Canned Foods?

Canned food infographic
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The food can is a kitchen cabinet essential, with products ranging from staples like beans and soups to the more obscure, like a hamburger in a can! This vast variety of foods housed in tin and metal cans got us thinking–what canned products do people eat the most? In 2017, The Grocer partnered with Harris Interactive to find the answer, polling 2,025 consumers in the U.K.

Consumers in the age bracket of 55+ consistently outranked the other age groups in eating the most canned foods. For canned fruits in particular, product consumption by age group was much more equal, with the largest difference between the 16- to 24-year-old group, at 23%, and the 55-and-older group, consuming 45%. 

The top three most consumed canned foods were: black beans, tomatoes and soup. These foods are classics, cost-effective, long-lasting and—best of all–easy to utilize. Interested in exploring the potential of these metal packaged products? Check out this three-course meal idea with recipes that use the top three most consumed canned foods:

  • This quick homemade tomato sauce recipe from New York Times Cooking that you can freeze and keep to use on pizzas, pastas, cauliflower and more. 
  • Did you know you can do more with a can of soup than plopping it straight on the stove? Try this slow cooker chicken pot pie recipe from Delish that uses three cans of cream of chicken soup.​
  • Live Eat Learn brings us a surprisingly delicious after-dinner treat to top off your hearty canned-food-inspired meal with these fudgy black bean brownies!