Crown Designs Packaging "Influencer Platforms" for the Modern Consumers

Monday, October 1, 2018

Decisions, decisions. We all face them each and every day, not least in the supermarket aisles, where our constant demand for choice and options has driven brands to provide just that. Products are almost never confined to a single flavour, size or serving format and packaging also varies dramatically – from cans and cartons to paper and plastics.

As a provider of high quality metal packaging to some of the world’s largest consumer brands, it is Crown’s business to understand how its products are perceived when they are thrown into the mix on supermarket shelves. As a result, this year Crown partnered with design and research agency Kinneir Dufort to drill down into what is driving consumers to purchase the packaging formats they do and their perceptions, specifically, on metal products.

The results were interesting to say the least. Using insight gained from this study, Crown has developed eight ‘opportunity platforms’ that aim to deliver packaging concepts that appeal to modern consumers.

Perfectly Small

The trend towards miniaturisation has seen new packaging formats portioned for consumption in both single family units as well as other household sizes.

Waste-less Wonder

When making their buying choices, consumers look not only at brand quality and price, but also at environmental impact. At the same time, food manufacturers increasingly compete on the basis of their sustainability targets.

Simply Goodness Inside

Transparency is a key aspect in a consumer’s decision to buy a specific brand or product: they want to know what to expect inside the packaging.

Foil Future

When it comes to packaging, consumers look for diversity, functionality and innovative materials. Foil has a key role to play in the future of metal packaging.

Canned Convenience

Consumers are increasingly looking for “hassle-free preparation” options packaged in sizes that accommodate life on the move. 

Recycle Me

Environmental concerns have grown to become a weighing factor in consumer purchasing decision across the globe.

Tins of Desire

Consumers, particularly younger professionals, are strongly influenced by aesthetics when making purchasing decisions.


In a world where choice is king, packaging must go beyond functionality and address consumers’ emotional needs.

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