Løv Organic's premium tea range in tins manufactured by Crown

Løv Organic’s philosophy is simple: offer consumers an organic tea option that is both delicious to drink and beautiful to look at. The brand is heavily inspired by Scandinavian culture, where 'løv' means 'leaf' and minimalist design and high respect for the environment are the norm.

The company turned to Crown with a specific brief for a tin that exudes minimalist modernity while also recognizing the importance of sustainability. Crown’s design experts created 30 different colored containers, all of which were designed to appeal to consumers and stand out on the retail shelf. The tins, which all have bright hues and hints of Nordic influences, leverage high resolution printing techniques to bring the brand’s hallmark bird icon closer to photographic quality than ever before.

The intricate opening of the tin complements the overall premium look, creating a collectable and reusable container.