Timothy J. Donahue
President and Chief Executive Officer

Gerard H. Gifford
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Daniel A. Abramowicz
Executive Vice President – Corporate Technology and Regulatory Affairs

Carlos Baila
Senior Vice President – Global Procurement

Adam J. Dickstein
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Thomas A. Kelly
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Sidonie Lécluse
Senior Vice President – Diversity and Inclusion

David A. Beaver
Vice President and Corporate Controller

Christopher A. Blaine
Vice President – Corporate Risk Management

Kevin C. Clothier
Vice President and Treasurer

Thomas T. Fischer
Vice President – Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs

Torsten J. Kreider
Vice President – Planning and Development

Joseph C. Pearce
Vice President – Corporate Tax

John Rost
Vice President – Global Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs

Christy L. Robeson
Assistant Corporate Controller

Michael J. Rowley
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Assistant General Counsel

Rosemary M. Haselroth
Assistant Corporate Secretary