Toll-Free Reporting Line

Crown's Business Ethics Line

Concerns related to Crown’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics may be reported through Crown’s third-party Business Ethics Line which is staffed by trained professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All reports made to the Business Ethics Line will be kept confidential. Reports will remain anonymous upon request, subject to applicable law. 

To access Crown’s Business Ethics Line via the web:

To access Crown’s Business Ethics Line via the phone:

  • Within the United States and Canada: 1-877-222-3029 
  • Spanish-speaking callers in the United States and Canada: 1-800-216-1288 
  • Within Mexico: 800-681-5340
  • Outside North America, use these country-specific telephone numbers.

Crown employees may also report their concerns to their supervisors, HR managers, plant managers or the relevant regional Compliance Officer. Crown will not tolerate retaliation or any retribution against anyone who, in good faith, reports a concern or who participates in the investigation of a report. Employees will not be subjected to any form of discipline or retaliation for reports made in good faith.