Environmental Sustainability Policy

Crown Holdings, a leading manufacturer of metal and transit packaging, has been in business for more than 125 years. Over the history of our company, we have demonstrated stewardship towards the natural environment, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner, supporting the long-term health of the planet, the success of customers and our people. Our environmental sustainability strategy aims to drive climate action throughout our value chain, use resources efficiently, support the circular economy, promote diversity and inclusion, source responsibly and ethically and practice strict product stewardship.

Our goal is to provide products that make a positive impact on the planet. We therefore integrate responsible and proactive environmental stewardship into our processes, procedures and practices.

To carry out sustainable business and exercise our Environmental Sustainability Policy, we pledge to:

  • Work to ensure that our products and operations are safe for our employees, consumers and the environment
  • Implement an environmental management system aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our products through their design, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal
  • Crown has set science-based climate targets, and will continue to take actions to reduce releases and greenhouse gas and other emissions from direct and indirect business operations and our value chain
  • Support the preservation of natural resources and energy by optimizing material use, minimizing waste (including hazardous waste) and increasing recycling. We also will partner with others who may contribute to progress in achieving our environmental goals
  • Meet or exceed the applicable environmental laws and regulations. We use environmentally sound practices, abide to internal guidelines, standards and requirements, even in the absence of governmental standards
  • Continually monitor and assess our operations, technology and programs, and monitor progress toward our environmental goals to prevent and minimize adverse environmental impact through the life cycle of our products and services
  • Keep operating policies, programs and resources in place to implement our Environmental Sustainability Policy
  • Develop and use state-of-the-art science, long-term and life-cycle views and integrate environmental considerations into strategic management decisions, policies, processes and practices across our business
  • Strive for an injury-free workplace through a strong health and safety program supported by high employee engagement. We will train our employees to conduct their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • Work to ensure that every employee understands and is responsible for incorporating environmental considerations in their daily business activities. We will encourage, recognize and reward individual and team leadership efforts to improve environmental sustainability.
  • Require our suppliers to adhere to the applicable environmental laws of the countries, regions and cities in which they operate. We will encourage our suppliers to surpass baseline requirements where possible to reduce the environmental and social impact of their operations
  • Provide our consumers, employees, communities, public interest groups and others with relevant and appropriate factual information about the environmental performance of our products and operations, reporting regularly on our performance
  • Work with and support our customers and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our products and operations to help them achieve their sustainability goals
  • Work with and support industry associations, customers, suppliers and other partners to raise environmental awareness among consumers
  • Systematically manage all areas of environmental risk and uncertainty, supporting the precautionary approach
  • Be responsive to our stakeholders on environmental topics and reiterate this policy as needed

Each Crown Holdings division is fully responsible for implementation and enforcement of this Policy in its businesses. All employees must comply with this policy.

Policy Owner: John Rost
Last revised 2022

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