Crown recognizes that environmental protection is a sound business practice that conserves resources, reduces potential liabilities, and safeguards employees and the community.

Further, it is Crown's policy to provide a safe workplace for its employees. Crown seeks to have safe operating procedures for every employee whose duties entail occupational hazards. To meet our Worldwide Policy, the Company will do the following:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations regarding the environment, health, and safety.

  • Work to reduce the risks associated with past, present, and future hazardous material use.

  • Provide appropriate training for every employee to ensure they have the knowledge to safely perform the required task.

  • Communicate our Environment, Health and Safety message and values to each employee.

  • Work to reduce hazardous waste generation through source reduction and waste minimization programs in accordance with governmental agency and company guidelines.

  • Work to increase environmental, health, and safety awareness and knowledge of requirements among all levels of employees, and require their adherence to sound practices.

  • Conduct periodic inspections to ensure compliance with all environmental, health, and safety regulations in the workplace.

  • Recognize that each employee has an obligation to report to his supervisor any condition that renders the workplace unsafe.

  • Monitor improvements in environmental, safety, and health protection technology.

  • Ensure every employee is aware of the responsibility to work in a safe manner.

Health & Safety

The well-being, health, and safety of all of our employees are a part of Crown's primary objectives. Safety programs include training and delegated authority, the assignment of responsibilities, and the establishment of goals, procedures, and accountability. Safety in the workplace is an integral part of the Company's operating philosophy and must be "built in" to every process, procedure, and system of the company and the attitudes and values of every employee.

We have long recognized the undesirable consequences of every industrial injury and incident, which includes human pain and suffering as well as financial impacts.

A basic principle to achieve a "Total Safety Culture" is to provide support to each employee and to exceed basic requirements in order to achieve safety excellence. This attitude requires a culture in which safety and health issues are instilled in management and every employee in the corporation as a "value." It leads to safer decisions, correction of unsafe behaviors, and reduction of incidents, injuries and near misses.

Crown's basic principles for achieving a "Total Safety Culture" are as follows:

  • Every Crown employee feels responsible for safety and does something about it on a daily basis.

  • All employees consistently identify unsafe behaviors and conditions that are present, and intervene to correct deficiencies.

  • Safe work practices and procedures are supported by positive feedback from peers and all levels of management.

  • The importance of a safe workplace is no longer a priority, but instead becomes a value linked to every employee in the organization.

  • Our focus is on behaviors and attitudes, and about achieving success in incident, injury and near miss reduction.

Behavioral Safety

Crown has implemented and continues to support programs to improve safety. Under Crown's "Total Safety Culture," behavioral safety is a primary focus along with governmental compliance and auditing. Crown’s behavioral safety program incorporates a system of implementing constructive observations of employees and peers, and provides positive feedback through dialogue and reporting to achieve safety excellence.

This program has proven to be effective in reducing incidents and injuries, by increasing the visibility of unsafe behaviors through skill development, providing total employee participation and instilling safety as a "core Crown value." As employees develop their observation and communication skills, their communication comfort level increases in the process, and safety coaching becomes an integral part of the work culture.

A successful program of behavioral safety consists of the following components:

  • A strong commitment to safety by management.

  • An active safety observation process to increase safety awareness, involving all Crown employees (managers and staff).

  • A culture where each employee is responsible and accountable for safety.

  • Improved worker interest, participation and involvement in the process.

  • Support from all levels of management and peers.