Package Non-Traditional Applications in Aerosol Cans with BICAN® Technology

Cross section of BICAN® aerosol packaging

Crown's bi-compartmented (or BICAN®) aerosol technology incorporates a plastic inner bag to keep product and propellant completely separate. This separation ensures the propellant is not emitted during dispensing and prevents the product from coming in contact with the aerosol can itself.

Available for our customers in Europe, BICAN® offers consumers excellent practicality due to its ergonomic design and 360° operation and requires little effort to use. The product is dispensed cleanly and accurately, with no shaking required and total evacuation.

Traditionally used to dispense shaving gels, brand owners are currently leveraging the BICAN® technology for a wide range of non-traditional aerosol products including batter, paint, sun cream, hair gel and many others.

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