At Crown we are always working with our craft brew customers to develop the latest, eye-catching designs for their cans. Each month, our team looks at the creativity, graphics and messaging that go into these cans and picks one design as our Crown Can of the Month - check out the latest winners below.

  • February 2016 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's February 2016 Craft Can-of-the-Month winner - Fort George Brewing (Astoria, OR) for their Suicide Squeeze IPA!

    Suicide Squeeze features a special 16oz matte finish can with thermochromatic ink. The snake appears when cold.  The special edition brew has been enhanced to a solid 7.2% ABV, and pops with Mosaic, Amarillo, and Citra hops. Front loaded with organize 2-row barley and layered with deep cuts of specialty malt for a balanced, full sensory experience.

  • January 2016 Winner

    January winner for Can-of-the-Month is Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, CO

    Saison is a Belgian style of beer, traditionally brewed for consumption by farm workers in the summer. We couldn’t bring back the fixed grip chairlift, but with a little nostalgia and a nod to the unsung heroes of the mountain, we created a bold, drinkable beer, worthy of the transition from spring to summer.  We use Hallertau and Nugget hops with an ABV of 5.4%

    Fixed Grip Saison in Crown Cans
  • September 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's September 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month.

    Warped Wing’s Essther’s Lil Secret is a milk chocolate brown ale with twists and turns of chocolate and sweet malt.

    8% ABV, brewed in Dayton, OH, in 16oz can.

  • August 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's August 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. 

    Grimm Brother’s Fearless Youth is a medium-bodied Munich Dunke, featuring brilliant brown coloring with ruby highlights and dominated by malty aromas reminiscent of fresh baked bread with notes of caramel and chocolate. 

    The 5.8% ABV beer is available in six-packs of Crown 12oz cans and is brewed in Loveland, CO.

    Fearless Youth in Crown Cans
  • July 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's July 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. 

    Pipeworks Brewing Company’s Close Encounter is a Hoppy Double Stout. It is one of Pipework's very first beers originally brewed by Gerrit and Beejay for Stoutfest in 2010.

    The 7.0% ABV beer is available in four-packs of Crown 16oz cans and is brewed in Chicago, IL.

    Close Encounter Double Stout in Crown Cans
  • June 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's June 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. 

    Aslan Brewing’s Batch 15 IPA is everything a Northwest IPA should be. This hoppy creation showcases the amazing resinous and piney characteristics of Simcoe & Centennial, the fruitness of Cascade & Citra, and the bitterness of Chinook hops. Pouring a beautiful opaque orange, this beer is juicy, unfiltered, and as always, 100% certified organic! 

    The 7.0% ABV IPA is available in a Crown 12oz can and brewed in Bellingham, WA.

    Batch 15 IPA in Crown Cans
  • May 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's May 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. 

    Half Acre’s Vallejo IPA is an An India Pale Ale with coastal spirit! This hop crasher sharply dives into the very deep waters of bitter beers. 

    The 6.7% ABV IPA is available in a Crown 16oz can and brewed in Chicago, IL.

    Half Acre Vallejo IPA in Crown Cans
  • April 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's April 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. 

    Diamond Knot’s flagship IPA is very hop-forward with aromas of grapefruit and cedar as well as a resinous bitterness imparted by additions of Galena and Columbus hops. A simple but expertly designed grain bill compliments the hops by imparting subtle caramel and malt characters. 

    India Pale Ale
  • March 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's March 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. 

    Red Hop Mess is a 7.2%, unique red IPA, a perfect fusion of malt and a mad dose of Amarillo hops. Available in a Crown 12oz can and brewed in Cincinnati, OH.

    Red IPA
  • February 2015 Winner

    Congratulations to Crown's February 2015 Craft Can-of-the-Month. Keep up the great graphics!

    Blitzkrieg is a big, 9% ABV, juicy hop, English-style double IPA brewed entirely with English malts, hops, and fermented with an English ale yeast strain.

    craft brew