Superior Sustainability with SuperEnd® Beverage Ends

SuperEnd® for beverage cans

When Crown introduced the revolutionary SuperEnd® beverage end technology, it was the first major breakthrough in beverage end design in nearly 20 years. The end reduces metal use by 10% and its unique geometry delivers several key benefits to fillers.

The 202-diameter SuperEnd® beverage ends, for example, provide increased panel strength. These ends are 8-10 psi more buckle resistant than standard 202 ends, without any reduction in integrity during pasteurization, shipping, and handling.

SuperEnd® beverage ends also feature a distinctive message or "billboard" area. Marketers can print brand logos, special messages and co-branding promotions, instant win campaigns or communicate with consumers about issues such as recycling.

To date, more than 500 billion SuperEnd® beverage ends have been produced by Crown and its licensees, saving over 130,000 metric tons of aluminum, 2,200 metric tons of coatings and 1,000,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

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