Our reprographics studios are comprehensively equipped and managed by our experts, taking beverage can designs from the initial concept stage to production-ready artwork.

Located in Europe and North America, our studios ensure that reprographic and proofing work is included in the metal packaging process prior to production. The facilities enable customers to have hands-on involvement alongside on-site experts to produce finished packages that create brand differentiation on the shelf.

Why use our studios?

Three Strategic Locations

Our U.S. location (Ambler, PA) caters to all the design needs for beverage customers in North America while our dedicated studios in Leicester, U.K. & Dubai work as one for our beverage customers in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Stay Productive in Private Workspaces

Customers are welcome to stay for the day in our comfortable workspaces while the team prepares their designs. A day at the studio puts customers at the heart of the proofing process, while allowing them to stay connected to their daily business activities in our dedicated private rooms.

Reprographics Stations

Each Mac operator scrutinizes and converts the files into a print-ready can design.

Plate-Making Machine (CTP & HQP/DLE)

Our plate makers work from the supplied reprographic files to engrave the printing plates.

Ink Department

Ink representatives are on-site to develop and match new inks according to individual requirements.

Proofing Equipment - Pilot Press / Wet Proofing

Any design can be printed on all beverage can formats. Our presses imitate the printing conditions in all Crown beverage can plants.

Proofing Equipment - Digital Printing (U.S. only)

The design is digitally printed onto beverage cans.

Expert Service & Support

Our goal is to partner with customers from the beginning of a project to help streamline the design process. Every member of our staff is an expert in their respective field, from reprographic operators, customer service personnel, proofing operators, technicians and plate makers. The entire team works hand-in-hand to ensure the success of every project. Our on-site ink representatives can also develop and match new inks upon request.