Guinness Limited Edition Beverage Can - Singapore

Anniversaries are always worth celebrating, especially when they represent significant milestones. With its 150th anniversary in the Singapore market approaching, Guinness collaborated with Crown to develop limited edition packaging for its Foreign Extra Stout brand that would not only pay tribute to local culture but also inject some fun into the drinking experience for consumers.

Colorful package graphics pop against the brand’s signature black background and depict familiar local references that define Singaporean culture. Crown’s offset printing technology gives the images a photo-like quality, helping convey the premium quality of the Guinness brand while honoring the nostalgia of the past.

Crown’s inkjet printing technology enabled Guinness to leverage the underside of the beverage can tab for a special promotional contest. Three cans were printed with the letters “D-O-G” in this underutilized part of the package; consumers who purchased these beverage cans were awarded the grand prize of S$10,000 in furniture vouchers.