Noon Whistle Brewing Can

Three longtime friends fulfilled their dream of starting a business together by founding Noon Whistle Brewing, based in Lombard, IL, in 2014. The brand’s name is reminiscent of an old town tradition where a whistle would signal workers to take a break in between shifts and enjoy a beer at noon. Paying homage to this tradition, the owners created sessional beers (lower than 5% alcohol content) that could be enjoyed with family and friends, in a variety of settings, over extended periods of time. After establishing different draught beer varieties and opening their very own brewery, the Noon Whistle team set out to package their product for the masses.

The team was intrigued by Crown's 360 End®, which they had seen on Sly Fox cans and sought to adopt the package format, as it aligned perfectly with the brand’s goal of allowing friends and family to enjoy their beer at tailgates, in backyards, or wherever a separate glass for drinking is not readily available or practical. With Crown's 360 End®, the entire lid of the beverage can is removable, turning the metal can itself into a drinking vessel and eliminating the need for separate glassware or plastic cups that add unwanted waste. Ideally suited for the beer industry, the design of the 360 End® enables the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses upon removal, enhancing the overall experience with the product.

In the midst of adopting the package format, the Noon Whistle team hit a roadblock when they discovered that Illinois’ litter law prohibits the production and sale of fully removable beverage container ends. The team enlisted support from their local house representative, the president of their brewing guild and other politicians and were ultimately able to change the law to allow for this package type in the state. Although they faced several challenges along the way, including the realization that transforming a product into the best packaged version of itself can come with limitations, the overall process has been rewarding and serves as a unique example for start-up craft brewers looking to follow suit.

Moving forward, Noon Whistle plans to package all of its beers, including the non-sessional varieties, with Crown’s 360 End®.