Food Ends

Metal ends are an integral part of food packaging design. They are also the means through which a consumer comes into contact with the package.

Convenient new technologies are taking this connection to the next level, enhancing every aspect of a consumer's experience as he or she interacts with creative food packaging.

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Easy-Open Ends    

The added convenience provided by rigid easy-open ends that do not require a can opener has been well received by consumers around the world.

Other key benefits include:
•    Offer consistent pop, pull tear and peel opening performance
•    Available in all major diameters of food cans
•    Partial or all-over decoration can be included to enhance food packaging design

As a leading food packaging manufacturer, Crown is ideally positioned to meet your needs, whether you are interested in our award-winning Easylift® technology or are looking for our full line of easy-open ends.  

Peelable Ends    

Food processors can enhance convenience, protect product freshness and build brand differentiation with our innovative PeelSeam™ technology. Offering quick and easy removal, the PeelSeam™ opening system consists of a thin, flexible panel, heat-sealed to a rigid steel or aluminum ring. Consumers simply grasp the small tab on the lid to open the package with a simple, fluid gesture.

Ideal for packaging a range of single-serve ready-to-eat (RTE) foods, the PeelSeam™ opening system is designed to run through over-pressure retorts and conventional filling and seaming equipment. Available in both round and rectangular shapes to match most food packaging designs, the foil tab and panel on the PeelSeam™ peelable ends can be decorated with logos and graphics to complement creative packaging design and further enhance brand recognition.

Sanitary Ends    

We offer a wide range of standard or sanitary ends for all food can sizes. Options include lever lid and ends specially designed for infant milk powder and other food products.

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