Success Stories

  • Consumers are always looking for more convenient food options. For the growing number of smaller households, convenience translates to smaller portions as a means to reduce waste. Single-serve, or “mini cans,” allow consumers to be creative with recipes while also facilitating preparation of right-sized salads, soups, smoothies and meals.

    Bonduelle vegetable cans
  • Supporting local communities and charitable causes is an important part of Crown’s sustainability program. That is why we were honored to collaborate with Mondelēz, the Cadbury Foundation and Help for Heroes to create limited-edition decorative tins for the charity.

    Cadbury Help for Heroes Tin
  • Dubbed “the South’s favorite snack,” boiled peanuts can be found in concession stands, convenience stores and other food service industry channels across the U.S. To help McCall Farms’ food service customers more easily access 6lb (2.72kg) cans of the delicacy, Crown developed a unique variation of its 603 diameter (153mm) easy-open end.

    McCall Farms boiled peanuts