CrownSecure™ Code Scanning System

CrownSecure provides a unique identity with traceability, authenticity, and loyalty.

To help brands improve product traceability and support greater consumer engagement, Crown has developed CrownSecure, a code scanning system that assigns every package a unique and singular identity quick response (QR) code.

CrownSecure enables products to be tracked and scanned, helping manufacturers build a data trail to help prove authenticity to consumers and manage product recalls. It also helps brand owners increase interaction with consumers, and ultimately brand loyalty, through a range of promotional opportunities.

Codes are laser etched or applied with an inkjet system onto cans by Crown as part of the manufacturing process. Since all codes are marked and validated before supply, customers improve efficiencies on filling lines by limiting downtime and eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment to apply the codes. The process also ensures the codes are highly readable, making it easier for consumers to scan.