Revolutionary Peelfit™ Can from Crown Takes Functionality and Sustainability to the Next Level

Peelfit™ utilizes DHS to seal an aluminum foil closure twithin the can body

Crown's new Peelfit™ can enhances sustainability and optimizes product protection. Design specifically for the dry food sector, Peelfit™ utilizes revolutionary Direct Heat Sealing Technology (DHS) to seal an aluminum foil to a collapsed bead within the can body, eliminating the rigid steel ring typically required in double seaming applications.

Customers then simply need to fill product through the base of the can and seam on a non-easy-open end without having to make changes to the filling line.

Using technology to reduce the amount of metal used in Crown’s food containers while maintaining performance and functionality is a significant component of the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

The unique design of the Peelfit™ container offers a number of sustainability benefits. For example, the elimination of the rigid steel ring makes the package 16% lighter than cans using conventional foil seam closures. In addition, DHS technology reduces energy use by 32% when compared to other existing foil seam closures. Like all metal packaging, Peelfit™ is 100% recyclable and fully protects the package contents against oxygen, gas, light, moisture and other contaminants – keeping products fresher for longer.

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