Unique Packaging Helps Grow McCall Farms’ Business

McCall Farms food can

“We Can” may seem like an odd tagline for a food manufacturer, but McCall Farms is proud of its long-standing relationship with food canning, which dates back to 1954. Since the very beginning, Crown has supplied metal cans for McCall Farms’ wide portfolio of southern-inspired vegetables sold across the United States.

Our expertise as a can manufacturer has helped keep McCall Farms current and competitive in the marketplace, and we have collaborated on multiple food packaging ideas. After McCall Farms launched its boiled peanut line in standard three-piece steel cans, we offered consultation about how the company could make the product into an on-the-go snack by adding easy-open ends. With ready-to-cook meals gaining popularity, we also helped McCall Farms launch “Simple Suppers,” a line of vegetables and flavored sauces that can be added to meat to create a true Southern meal in minutes.

Consumer reaction has been extremely positive, and the packaging resulted in a significant rise in sales for McCall Farms. The company plans to add additional flavors to the line.

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