The convenience of easy-open ends delivers benefits to the food service industry

McCall Farms boiled peanuts

Dubbed “the South’s favorite snack,” boiled peanuts can be found in concession stands, convenience stores and other food service industry channels across the U.S. To help McCall Farms’ food service customers more easily access 6lb (2.72kg) cans of the delicacy, Crown developed a unique variation of its 603 diameter (153mm) easy-open end. The large-diameter end eliminates the need for industrial can openers, which can be unreliable, and requires up to eight times less force than the manual openers. Like all easy-open ends, the 603 diameter (153mm) end is removable in its entirety with a simple, fluid gesture.

In addition to helping food service customers significantly reduce the time needed to open the large cans, the end also helps them increase hygiene and safety at their prep stations. Manufacturers like McCall Farms also benefit from the convenience of the ends since they arrive from Crown already seamed to the can body. McCall Farms simply has to seam the bottom end to the can using existing equipment once the product is filled.

"Crown’s Customer Technical Support team was there for us every step of the way, including being on-site for initial production runs, which made issue resolution quick and efficient.
Marion Swink, Co-President, McCall Farms