Connecting with Consumers through Packaging

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Packaging serves as an integral point of contact between a brand and consumers, helping to communicate core values and create a lasting connection. Whether a brand wants to emphasize convenience, portability, sustainability or its support for healthy lifestyles, a lot can be said with its choice of package format and overall design.

While consumers share common ground when it comes to packaging preferences, subtle nuances begin to emerge when looking at larger generational or household size demographics. For instance, Millennials place a great emphasis on brand transparency and trust, while Baby Boomers prioritize convenience and options that support healthful choices. Additionally, single-person households appreciate individual serving sizes or portion control packaging to minimize food waste.

In many ways, metal packaging provides the perfect solution for brands to address the individual needs and preferences of key consumer groups. For more facts and figures, download our Connecting with Consumers through Packaging infographic.