Enhancing Sustainability Across Our Product Lifecycle

A can opener rests on top of an aluminum can with the words "Never Compromise" over top.
Wednesday, September 7, 2022

We are proud that our primary product – metal packaging – is inherently sustainable. While the format’s recyclability, lightweight and resource preservation characteristics alone make a significant impact, our sustainability commitment extends beyond what we make to how we make it.  

The Never Compromise pillar of our comprehensive Twentyby30 sustainability strategy focuses on our efforts throughout the product lifecycle to ensure that our materials are sourced responsibly, our products are designed to minimize risks to people and the environment and the products we manufacture meet the highest safety standards. Our approach includes:

  • Leveraging eco-design techniques and manufacturing innovation to minimize the footprint of our products and processes for the benefit of the environment and people.

  • Complying with food contact and chemical safety standards to ensure products meet customer expectations without compromising the well-being of consumers, employees and the environment. For example, we launched our Chemicals of Concern (COC) program in 2020 in response to concerns from the public, NGOs and government entities over the use of potentially hazardous chemicals and industrial products. The program aims to screen all our food contact materials for the use or presence of COC by 2025 and take action to eliminate their use whenever necessary.

    Since no single authoritative list of COC exists, we have been developing our own list based on several publicly available materials and our evaluations. Initially, over 1,000 chemicals were identified. We are currently refining the list of chemicals to focus on those relevant to the food contact materials we use. Once the list is finalized, we will begin evaluating the composition of our food contact materials and determine where COC are used or present. Where they are used or present, we will collaborate with our suppliers to either substitute the COC in the material, obtain third-party expert confirmation of the safety of the COC in the finished article or eliminate the material.

  • Expanding our responsible and ethical sourcing program to address the social and environmental impacts of the materials and products we purchase. To date, 75% of high-risk suppliers have been assessed by third-party verification assessments, meeting our interim 2025 responsible and ethical sourcing goal and keeping us on target for our 2030 objectives.

    In late 2021, all six of our production facilities in Brazil met the requirements for responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminum, fulfilling the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance Standard. In Q1 2022, Crown Brazil achieved the ASI Chain of Custody certification, which complements the ASI Performance Standard and reinforces our compliance around responsible sourcing policies, anticorruption, human rights due diligence and conflict-affected and high-risk areas. Our beverage can operations in Mexico also earned the ASI Performance Standard in Q1 2022, which helps support our customers in the region achieve their own ethical and responsible sourcing goals. Efforts are also underway to achieve ASI Certification within our Asian and Europe/Middle Eastern operations.

To learn more about our efforts around product safety, responsible and ethical sourcing and the steps we are taking to minimize product lifecycle footprint, read our 2021 Sustainability Report.