Hoppy IPA Day!

Ghostfish Brewing Company Grapefruit IPA
Friday, August 4, 2017

Today, August 4th, is IPA (India Pale Ale) Day.

The IPA, while a current staple in the craft beer and alcoholic beverage categories today, has a rich history that dates back to the 1700s. The IPA was created to solve the problem of providing beer for the British Empire in the east, namely in India, where it was too hot to brew. As such, a strong beer that could survive the grueling six-month journey from Britain was sought after. Ultimately, the IPA, which is a hoppy style beer within the broader category of pale ale, was developed. 

The IPA is unique in that its hops act as natural preservatives, which proved to be important in its initial development. Now, the same unique aromas and flavors that the hops lend the beverage act as critical differentiators between the IPA and other pale ales and drinks. These attributes pair well with package innovations such as Crown’s 360 End®. The fully removable metal can end allows for the beverage can to transform into a drinking vessel that exerts the full flavor and aroma of the beer as it hits the drinkers’ senses through the top of the can. 

Metal packaging also pairs well with the larger craft brew category, as its properties preserve the beer flavor by blocking oxygen, moisture and perhaps most importantly – light. Ultraviolet (UV) rays in particular have the ability to create a photo-oxidation in hops, which creates 3-MBT, the flavor compound that imparts “skunkiness” or poor taste.

In addition to keeping beer tasting as it was intended, metal cans have environmental and practical benefits that are unrivaled by other package formats, making them increasingly popular for IPA’s and craft brews in general.