LaSalle University

LaSalle University Visit
Thursday, August 25, 2016

There has been a strong relationship between Crown and La Salle University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) ever since the late John Connelly served as our company’s chairman. The ties between the companies have strengthened over time and, for the last eight years, the partnership has included coordinating visits to various Crown facilities in Europe as part of the school’s annual study abroad program.

When La Salle Professor Swee-Lim Chia and his international marketing students visited Crown this past March, Noé Gailly, Marketing Manager, New Product Development CROWN Bevcan Europe and Middle East hosted the group in Paris. It was there that she presented information about how the beverage can has evolved into a critical marketing tool and the format’s inherent benefits when it comes to convenience and sustainability.

As part of the discussion, Gailly pointed out that the metal beverage can offers a 360 degree billboard for advertising and brand messaging, and when combined with advanced decoration techniques, it presents an array of opportunities to build shelf appeal and a unique identity. Gailly also demonstrated how Crown’s commitment to innovation helps keep the well-known package format in line with demands from modern consumers. For example, with CrownSmart™ technology, consumers are now able to interact with the can – and further engage with the brand - via unique scannable codes printed on the underside of the tab.