Our Business Success Depends on Gender Balance

Three female-presenting individuals looking out into the distance
Friday, July 2, 2021

At Crown, we believe Diversity and Inclusion are critical to our business success. We strive to create an environment where every individual within the Company has the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. In an effort to reach parity, we are committed to providing flexibility, support and creating opportunities for everyone, especially women across the world. Discover our continuing video series highlighting the inspirational stories of women working at Crown.

July 2021

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Women


At Crown, we promote a healthy work-life balance for all our employees.  Listen to several inspiring women from our global team talk about how working in the Company has enriched their lives and helped them thrive due to more flexibility, dual career options, time for outside activities and with family and much more. Join us on the Crown adventure, apply at https://www.crowncork.com/careers/.

March 2021

Celebrating the Women at Crown

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the gender diversity within the company that is rooted in value and respect. There is no difference in the work we do, and gender will never be a barrier to any position within the company. Learn more about how our approach feeds directly into our success and the success of our teams.

Coming Soon …

As part of our video series focusing on gender equality, we will take a closer look at how Crown supports women in science, equal opportunities for women and equal treatment of men and women throughout the organization. A happy environment that fosters respect, inclusivity and opportunity is what we strive to maintain every day. Stay tuned for real-world examples of this vision in action.