Training Program Helps Foster Employee Engagement in Europe

Caroline May
Friday, November 4, 2016

Crown Europe’s Elements of Engagement (EoE) program trains leaders to cultivate an open dialogue and create a culture of transparency, helping increase employee engagement at all levels.

The three-day program, offered to newly recruited or promoted managers, includes a highly interactive workshop that arms participants with insight and practical tips to foster an environment of success. Topics include how to inspire, recognize and celebrate the success of others; how to communicate, coach, give feedback and set performance goals; and how to mobilize teams behind change. One month after the workshop, participants regroup and report on progress and successes.

To date, over 250 managers have participated in the program. While the program is still in its early stages, there are positive signs of the culture shifting from solely results-oriented to one that is much more people-oriented.

To expand the reach of the program, it will be integrated it into Crown’s existing Management Skills Program, which is available to employees in positions just below the Plant Manager level.