Beverage End Refresh: Increased Support for a Stand-Out Brand Experience

A colored can tab
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Creating a successful beverage package relies on thoughtful design at every level. While core branding and product information lives on the body of the container, beverage can ends play a critical, and often overlooked, role in consumer engagement. Numerous technology advancements have been made in beverage ends in recent years, allowing brand owners to increase interaction and stand out in a crowded retail landscape.

Compared to other packaging formats, beverage cans deliver a unique opening experience. Beverage ends remain attached to the package throughout consumption, extending the opportunity for brand visibility and engagement. Beverage ends are a durable seal between a drink and outside elements and provide clear evidence of tampering. Add in ergonomic design and strong sustainability credentials, such as infinite recyclability, and beverage ends foster a well-rounded, positive relationship between consumer and product.

At Crown, our ends have expanded from the functional pull-tab—the first easy-open beverage end—and our game-changing colored tabs can create a striking appearance and reinforce brand identity from all angles, while cut-out or laser-etched tabs can spotlight brand logos or imagery and lend a premium feel to products. These subtle yet thoughtful touches demonstrate attention to detail and quality as core brand values.

These benefits are why we continue to expand beverage end capacity, including adding a fourth end module to our Winchester, Virginia facility and a third end module at our Dayton, Ohio plant. As customers continue to introduce more products in cans to align with consumer preferences for sustainable packaging, ends will play an important role in offering yet another opportunity for distinction. With the expected growth in demand for beverage cans, we are committed to providing end design and production support to brand owners. After all, for our customers, beverage ends are only the beginning of the consumer experience.

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