Crown Cork & Seal Introduces Closures to Enhance Package Appeal, Improve Dispensing, and Drive Point-of-Purchase Sales

Monday, May 13, 2002

PHILADELPHIA, May 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) announced today a new line of closures for the health & beauty, personal care, and beverage industries. Manufacturers can enhance package aesthetics, improve dispensing, and generate sales with the Orion(TM), Nomad(TM), and a full line of dispensing closures from Zeller Plastik Europe, Crown's plastic closures division.

These snap-on, flip-top, and trigger pump closures maximize production time, provide easy open convenience, and integrate seamlessly with existing capping equipment.


Orion's consumer friendly design enables easy opening. Uniquely molded round edges are easy to grip and also increase visual presence at point-of- purchase. The watertight seal also significantly reduces moisture penetration and product waste. Crown closures can be color matched to containers, enhancing aesthetic appeal and strengthening shelf presence.

The Orion(TM) closure meets the production demands of packagers in the personal care industry. The two-piece, push-pull closure snaps on, allowing faster cycle time and throughput.


The ringed-top Nomad Cap(TM) is a lightweight, travel friendly closure that enables beverage manufacturers to target "on-the-go" consumers and increase sales to convenience stores and supermarkets.

An injection-molded polyethylene base and polypropylene upper section form a strong top that supports the weight of a filled 24-ounce PET bottle. The ring's orientation properties offer a clean looking, in-line package. The Nomad(TM) is easy to open and features a locking tab at the base to prevent spills. Nomad's innovative design also enables unique displays and high- impact branding, significantly increasing point-of-purchase sales.


Crown's line of dispensing closures, which are engineered to reduce product waste, includes customizable screw top hinged caps, trigger pumps and valve caps.

With these closures Lisap Italy redesigned a complete line of personal care products, achieving a smooth, sleek package with enhanced aesthetic appeal.

"Packagers can build brand strength with elegant closure designs that are easy to open and watertight," says Christian Fabre, Marketing Director, Plastic Closures, Europe.

Crown also engineers closures that integrate with existing bottles and containers, providing manufacturers with cost-effective conversions.

Crown Cork & Seal is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. World headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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