Crown Marks Human Rights Day with the Launch of a Global Training Course

Crown's United Nations Human Rights header, with text that reads "freedom, equality, and justice for all."
Monday, December 11, 2023

As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 10), our team at Crown takes the opportunity to recognize the responsibility and profound impact businesses can have on societal values. 

On this significant occasion, we reinforce our dedication to being a force for positive change and to fostering a global culture that advocates for the rights of every individual. Starting this week, we are launching a training designed to sustain ongoing awareness of every employee of the Crown team globally. This online course will be launched via Crown’s “Learning Hub” and will provide an understanding of Human Rights, as outlined in our Policy. Gradually rolled out in all our EMEA locations, it will be followed by the Americas and Asia Pacific in early 2024. This initiative aims to enhance our leadership in opening up continuous dialogues with our communities, employees and stakeholders, creating a foundation of respect, trust and inclusion within Crown.

An arial shot of several people linking their arms together to form the word "Crown"

Aligned with international standards, Crown's Human Rights Policy serves as our blueprint for ethical and inclusive leadership across our global operations. Our senior executives actively endorse and champion our Human Rights Policy at every location, and they are responsible for promoting it, placing our people at the forefront and setting the tone for our organization. 

While it is critical we maintain formal standards and protocols, our Human Rights Policy goes beyond being a statement; it's a commitment to creating a safe, welcoming and equitable workplace for everyone. It is not just a goal, but a universal standard.

Click here to read our Human Rights Policy: